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Just How Does A Woman "Female Ejaculate"?

It's true that female ejaculation has become a really big thing in our culture, and it seems that everyone - or at least, a lot of men! - wants to experience "squirting"!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of myth-making around, and so a lot of people are being led up the garden path, so to speak!

Is it urination? Is it real ejaculation? How will we ever know the difference?

Happily, this is a real and beautiful part of female sexual response. Whether or not it's urine which a woman ejaculates is almost irrelevant. What matters most is the pleasure she experiences when she forcefully releases fluid through her urethra. And whether or not she does this as a reflex response to vigorous stimulation of her urethra or not, the only thing which matters is whether or not a woman's orgasmic pleasure is enhanced and accentuated when she comes.

So what's really going on with female ejaculation, and how is it done? The simple fact is that it is real - in the sense that a woman whose G spot is being stimulated will reach a kind of climax unlike any other. At some point she may feel the urge to release fluid, which will shoot out of her urethra with great force - even if she never has experienced this before.

This is the way that any woman will be able to experience stronger orgasms and much more enjoyable sex.

But before we examine the ways to experience female ejaculation, we should examine the ways in which nonsense about female ejaculation has been propagated.

Don't forget that this is also one of the best ways to bring a woman to orgasm. If you want to know various ways in which you can please your woman by bringing her to a massive orgasm, please read on.

The G spot

The G spot has been written about hundreds of times now. It has been known about for many years, since Beverly Whipple and Perry discovered it and wrote about it in the 1970s. Having said that, its existence hasn't always been accepted, and even now there is dispute about whether or not every woman has a G spot.

It's typical of medical and anatomical research that in the initial stages of new discoveries, resistance to changing the status quo is high, and this has been exactly what happened within the area of exploration of the female G spot.

Those who are supporters of the concept of female ejaculation will be quick to tell you that every woman has a G spot, and every woman can ejaculate. They will also tell you that the fluid which is ejaculated is not urine!

And scientists, on the other hand, will tell you that the fluid definitely comes from the bladder, and that it is just forceful ejaculation of urine. Where does the truth lie?

Well the best way to examine that is to talk to women who enjoy female ejaculation. What you discover when you do that is that vigorous stimulation of the G spot during sexual arousal leads to a reflex response - the uncontrollable release of fluid in a very powerful orgasm which can impact a woman's entire body.

Diagrammatic representaion of the female genitaliaThe key to what's going on here appears to be the cluster of nerves which underlie the tissue that makes up the G spot.

A normal clitoral orgasm is simply the result of pelvic nerve stimulation. But the G spot orgasm is the result of pudendal and pelvic nerve stimulation and it appears to be this which gives the orgasm a different quality and character.

Even so cynics will still ask whether or not squirting is something that's artificially made up by porn directors so that men can get a cheap thrill out of seeing women squirt.

Make Her Come With A "Blended Orgasm".

And of course it is a powerfully attractive and seductive area for pornographers to represent on screen, because it's something that is thrilling and exciting for men and women who experience it.

What's important here is the fact that true female ejaculation, that is to say the expulsion of fluid from the female prostate gland, happens only during intense sexual arousal, and only when a woman trusts the man she is with, and has opened her heart to him. In fact,  when she is in love with him.

Thus female ejaculation goes beyond the physical experience that reflex urination might represent. The fluid ejaculated by women who are in love, being stimulated by man they love, and who are emotionally connected to that man tend to ejaculate a much thicker and creamier fluid which represents secretions from the prostate gland, a.k.a. the female prostate tissue or G spot.

So for the doubters, the doubts will always be present, but for the believers, the act of female ejaculation is all sufficient to overcome their doubts. There is a simple answer to the debate which continues about the nature of female ejaculatory fluid, or where it comes from: the really important thing is the fact that the woman is enjoying it and getting more sexual pleasure than she otherwise would.

Use One Of These Proven Female Ejaculation Positions

Now bear in mind, that once you've explained to woman how she can female ejaculate, and once she's experienced the intensity of it, she's very likely to want to do it a lot. And the truth is that if a woman ejaculates lots of clear fluid, it's probably going to make a mess so you need towels and sheets.

Don't have any expectations about the amount of fluid that will be emitted, either a great deal not very much at all. Just let whatever happens happen! Some women appear to ejaculate only produce a small amount of fluid, while others ejaculate large amounts.

You just have to accept that this will be different for every woman, and that no matter what happens, the only thing that really matters is whether the woman enjoys it.

And you stand a much greater chance of bringing a woman to the point of ejaculation if she's had a lot of foreplay, and an extended period of arousal before you start the techniques that are generally regarded as bringing her to orgasm. There are many ways of extending orgasm and it is a very important and sophisticated approach to female ejaculation, through gentle but prolonged sexual stimulation.

And in fact, if you know anything about female orgasms, you'll know that what's come to be known as the "blended orgasm" is by far the most likely way to make a woman ejaculate.

That's because after her orgasms been delayed for a long time, there is a considerable buildup of fluid inside her Skene's glands (if that's where you believe female ejaculatory fluid comes from) or inside her bladder (if that's where you believe female ejaculatory fluid comes from).

You want to use a particular position to stimulate her. Generally using your tongue on her clitoris will make her come. A good way to do this is not using it as a tool to poker to clitoris, but using the flat surface of it to "lap" at her clit so that you find a rhythm which will really excite her.

But it isn't just about physical stimulation, as I mentioned above you also have to establish an emotional and spiritual connection with your partner. And you have to reassure her that no matter how excited she gets, no matter how tense and aroused she becomes, she'll be able to take the stimulation.

Have her go just past the edge, until she is so tense that orgasm is unavoidable. At that point you can tell that it's all right to let go, to release the fluid, and if she bears down at this point, she may well ejaculate.

The key to making this work successfully is for you to stimulate clitoris with your tongue, and to insert a finger into her vagina and stimulate her G spot at the same time. You will  actually feel the glands behind the G spot fill up with fluid as it swells.

Another successful position that has been reported many times as one of the best for female ejaculation is to have her lying on her back with her knees bent and legs apart.

You can put your middle finger or forefinger, or both of them, inside her, and lay your palm across the top of her vagina clitoris whilst you stimulate her G spot with your fingers. Make a come hither motion with your fingers, using a large amount of lube, and do this quickly and firmly.

When she is highly aroused, this is the movement that will take her past the point of orgasm, and probably also beyond the level of pleasure she has previously experienced.

So much so, that during orgasm, you may have to reassure her verbally, and perhaps even to hold her hips down so that she doesn't squirm off the bed.