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FAQ and "How To" For Female Ejaculation

I am amazed at how popular this question has become.  I don't know when it became such a big thing in our culture, but suddenly everyone is asking "How can I make my girl 'squirt'?" It's a very interesting question because there is so much misinformation, myth, and doubt mixed in with the truth about this beautiful part of female sexual response. 

But I'm here to help you sort through what's real, what's fake, what is really going on when it happens, and exactly how you get your own partner to experience it, even if she never has before. First, let's look at some of the myths and some of the nonsense, and some of the outright garbage that's out there concerning female ejaculation, and clear up some of the things men have been asking me about. It'll be like my own little FAQ page to the world of female ejaculation....

Q: Is it true that "squirting" is just something that pornographers made up to show us another weird thing on the Internet?


Is it true that it's just something that women, feminists, or lesbians made up to make men feel inadequate when they can't make their woman experience it?

A: No.

Female ejaculation is very real. It wasn't "made up" by anyone. It's a completely natural part of sex, and most women who have done it call it an overwhelmingly powerful sexual experience. But the thing is, pornographers have gotten hold of the idea, and the world is full of fake female ejaculation.

Now I am no expert on special effects and movie magic, so I have no absolute idea where all of this fake squirting is coming from. But at least in some of the cases, the women shown are probably urinating. And I imagine in some others they may be filling women up with some kind of fluid in their vaginas, and then having them forcefully push it out by clenching their internal muscles.  Again, I'm no expert on how they are making the fakes. But I do know this: because there is so much fake female ejaculation around, it's no mystery why so many people think it's not real at all. It is.

Q: Women that "squirt" are really just peeing, right?

A: No. Well... um... I mean... sometimes. As I explained above, that is one popular method of "faking" it.

Q: Wait a minute! I read that female ejaculation is impossible... that the only thing attached to the urethra is the bladder... so if it's coming out of her urethra, it must be pee! Don't you know anything?!

A: Yes, I have read that too.

I have also read that UFO aliens are doing experiments on us and the government is covering it up. Now I'm not sure whether or not the UFO thing is true. But I AM sure that the thing about urine coming out during female ejaculation is false. But whoever first said it, it has been repeated many, many times in writing. And it's wrong. It may come from the fact that the ejaculation does come from the urethra (pee hole) and not from the vagina.

 Q: Well, if it's not pee that comes out during female ejaculation, what the heck is it?

 A: Great question. And I sure hope they do more research into this area some day. But the fact is, there is no money in finding out what comes out of women when they female ejaculation. And until there is, it is unlikely that any major university, private laboratory, or biomedical research company will ever launch a major study on the subject. That said, there was a small university study done in Italy, and they did assess the chemical composition of the fluid, and it is not vaginal lubrication, and it is not pee. It is relatively clear, has virtually no smell, and most science seems to agree that it is being produced by some small glands that are attached to the urethra (the paraurethral glands). When a woman ejaculates, it comes from the  urethra (the hole below the clitoris that urine comes out of). In any case, if you want more detail on that argument, what comes out of women when they ejaculate, and what the different sexual response is from each type, go into depth and detail on the whole squirting subject here. But for the purpose of this page, I'll end the FAQs here and get to the part that I know you are most interested in:

How to help YOUR sex partner experience female ejaculation.

Let me give you an important little warning up front. Once you teach a woman to ejaculate, there is a strong chance that she will want to continue to do it fairly often when you make love. And as cool as that may sound to you right now, some women can produce quite a large amount, and it can make a pretty good mess. And that mess, when it happens frequently, can be a bit inconvenient after a few months. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go for it, because I am all for giving women the most sexual pleasure that they can possibly have. But you might want to start keeping towels near the bed, and set her down on top of them before you begin. But don't be disappointed if not much fluid comes out...and don't be amazed if a huge amount does come gushing out. Different women ejaculate different amounts -- from a little dribble to a major torrent. One is not better than the other, it's just a function of her anatomy.

For information on why men may be unable to ejaculate, see this useful resource.

Okay, here is how it's done:

1 Delay Her Orgasm

The longer you delay her orgasm, the better the chances that you will succeed in making her squirt. This means a lot of foreplay and sensual touching...But also it means that once you begin to touch her sexually, that you need to bring her to the edge without taking her over. There are many ways of extending orgasm and it is a very important and sophisticated topic.

2 Make Her Come With A "Blended Orgasm".

After delaying her orgasm for a long time, she will have built up a great deal of fluid in her paraurethral (Skene's) glands. When you do make her come, you want to build it slowly and then bring her over the edge quickly using a "blended orgasm".  I first heard that term from Tallulah who teaches workshops on female orgasm to groups of women, and she is referring to giving your partner a clitoral and G spot orgasm simultaneously.

Some women who have difficulty reaching orgasm quickly on their own are natural ejaculators, but women who are very orgasmic, can be just as impressive if you delay them properly. There are a few different ways to make sure that you get her to come hard and fast with a blended orgasm when the time is right, and using one of these methods is the surest way to do the trick. So:

The only piece left is: what is the best way to stimulate her to get to female ejaculation?

3 Use One Of These Proven Female Ejaculation Positions

Some women, as I mentioned, ejaculate easily from many different sexual positions, and they  will definitely have impressive results with all three of these positions. Other women might only respond to one or two of them. Generally one of the first two will work very well. The first, which works very often, is to use your tongue on her clitoris. The key is to find a rhythm that drives her crazy... what you're looking for is an amount of direct stimulation to the tip of the clit that is just beyond what she can comfortably deal with.

You need to keep a lot of mental and emotional connection with her while you do this so that you can reassure her that she can be still and that she can "take it." You want to go just past her edge. When you finally tell her it's alright to let go, you might have to hold her hips still with your weight to keep her from squirming right off the bed.

Be advised that when she squirts, you are going to get messy. The key to make this method work is to insert a finger and massage her G-spot at the same time. You will actually feel the glands fill up behind the G spot as the area swells beneath your fingers. 

The second method works even more often and most women will respond very powerfully to it. The key is the hand position and the motion: Lay her down on her back, and have her lift her legs up in the air, knees bent.  Make a "hook" with your middle finger or both middle and ring-finger. Put your finger/s inside of her, pointing up towards her belly. (The fingers should be wrapped around her pubic bone, the tips against her G spot). In this position, you can then lay your palm across the top of her vagina and her clitoris.

Applying pressure with the palm across her clitoris, the motion is NOT in-and-out, but rather, up-and-down. As the fingers go up and down against the G spot, the palm brushes up and down on the clitoris. NOTE: Use a LOT of lube for this, particularly between the palm and vulva. After delaying her orgasm as long as possible, you want to use this motion quickly and firmly.

Again, this will probably take her past the edge of the amount of pleasure she is accustomed to dealing with, and you may have to encourage her verbally, and help her by holding her hips down so that she doesn't squirm right off the bed.

The last method is a bit more of a trick, but can be even more fun because it involves intercourse. Have her position herself on top of you, but facing away, towards your feet. She can remain on her knees, but it may be more effective if she squats over you, and then leans back on her palms so that you are penetrating her at an angle to hit the G Spot.

Then reach around with one or both hands to use manual stimulation on the clitoris. When she feels ready to ejaculate, you may have to withdraw to unblock the duct. The good news is that in terms of the "technical" and physical aspects of it, this is pretty much all you'll ever need to know if you want to get a woman to experience female ejaculation.

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