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Sex During Pregnancy

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This page will be full of facts, information and advice about sex during pregnancy in no time at all! In the meanwhile, here is a great place to go for information on sex postures during pregnancy. And for information on sex during pregnancy check this out.

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Most research has led us to believe that both sexual desire and frequency of sexual intercourse decrease during pregnancy.

But it is true that several studies indicate an increase in libido in the second-trimester, preceding a decreases libido.

However, these decreases in sexual drive are not common to all women: a very significant proportion of women report greater sexual satisfaction and greater orgasmic capacity throughout pregnancy.

Sex during pregnancy is not dangerous unless a physician advises otherwise and suggests that sexual intercourse be avoided. One reason for this is that sex can in some cases cause complications or health issues such as premature labor or a ruptured uterus.

But this is rare, and should not cause a fear of sex in the pregnant woman. Decisions like this are always based upon either a history of difficulties in a previous pregnancy or some obvious anomaly.

Research studies in the 1980s and 1990s indicated that when pregnant women continue to have sexual intercourse, they tend to feel more overall sexual satisfaction when they feel happy about being pregnant; they may even feel more womanly, more attractive, and more sexual than before pregnancy and find it easier to orgasm during sex.

Sex has been suggested as a way to prepare for induction of labor because the natural prostaglandin content of seminal liquid seems to favor the maturation process of the cervix, besides also making it more flexible; this is supposed to lead to easier and faster dilation of the cervix.

But the reality is that the usefulness of sexual intercourse as an induction agent is not proven. However, exposure to a partner's semen can serve as prevention for pre-eclampsia, because of the absorption of several immune modulating factors. Check out https://www.sexduringpregnancy.org 

The fetus is protected from penetrative sexual thrusting by the cushion of the amniotic fluid in the uterus and by the woman's cervix. Sexual intercourse after giving birth should start when a couple are both ready, but this is usually after six weeks.